About Us

We are a family operated business with over 40 years’ experience in the mattress industry.

Buying a mattress online or in a retail store is perhaps the least desirable shopping experiences for a consumer. Mattresses are confusing, hard to distinguish and are often repeatable, the choices seem endless and every mattress review website will point you in a different direction.

Many popular online mattress companies pitch a “one mattress fits all” concept, financially it’s a great idea, in reality it works against the consumer the definition of a “comfortable mattress” varies sharply
Comfort feels choices are necessary.

Our main goal is “Simplification” offering quality choices in every comfort and feel. Based on budget with clear distinctive differences to choose from. Shop comfortably on our website knowing the back-end research work was done for you by knowledgeable mattress experts. In other words we did the shopping work for you; all you need to do is pick the feel and the budget and you’re ready to sleep!